Wednesday, February 27, 2008

More three-wheeler weirdness: The Sidam XNovo

The XNovo features tilting wheels at the rear. So you can topple right over in the bends, especially if you are carrying a lot of luggage at the back...

Pics: The Biker Gene

If the Piaggio MP3, Gilera Fuoco, Carver One and Brudeli 625L weren’t eccentric enough already, we have a new addition to the Tilting Trike team – the Sidam XNovo. Like the Carver One, the XNovo has two wheels at the rear, but instead of the tilt mechanism being at the front (which is the case with the Carver), the XNovo’s tilting system is at the rear!

The Sidam XNovo will supposedly be fitted with a 500cc Piaggio engine, though hybrid and fully-electric versions may also be available. The trike’s rear wheels are independently sprung, and will be able to tilt during cornering maneouvers. This rather strange (stupid?) arrangement will, in our opinion, offer zero dynamic benefits – expect ride and handling to be utter rubbish. This is in complete contrast to the other trikes mentioned above, all of which utilize their third wheel to offer very significant handling benefits over regular two-wheelers.

It may be able to carry more luggage than a regular scooter, and even offer some weather protection, but the Sidam XNovo seems to be an ill-conceived, poorly thought-out vehicle. According to some reports on the Internet, this thing is expected to go into production later this year, and will be priced at around US$11,000. We'd much rather take a Gilera Fuoco really...

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