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Motociclismo test the Bimota DB7!

Powered by the Ducati 1098 v-twin, the Bimota DB7 should be a match for most Japanese litre-class superbikes. Plus, of course, the bike looks very good...

Pics: Motociclismo

Motociclismo recently got to test the brand-new Bimota DB7, which was first shown at the EICMA in Italy, in November last year. The bike was put through its paces at Misano Adriatico circuit in Italy.

Apart from being strikingly good looking, the DB7 is fitted with the very powerful Ducati 1098 engine, instead of using a lower-tech air-cooled v-twin from the Ducati range, as Bimota have often done in the recent past.

The Motociclismo report says, ‘The market wants horsepower, and Bimota have put a lot of it on the street. The DB7, which has a chassis designed by Bimota, is fitted with the 160bhp, liquid-cooled Testastretta 1098 engine and the bike weighs a mere 170kg.’

After years of lagging behind, could the DB7 mark Bimota's comeback?

‘The bike’s 2-into-1 exhaust system [which is different from the Ducati 1098’s twin-pipe setup…] improves power delivery at low revs, helps boost overall power output by 8bhp, and saves some weight. The DB7’s oval tube lattice frame is light and works very well,’ say the guys at Motociclismo.

Of course, don’t rush off to meet your friendly neighbourhood Bimota dealer just yet – the DB7 costs about US$37,000… :-(

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Bimota DB7 image gallery on Motociclismo

For Bimota fans, here's the (from left) Bimota DB1, the SB6 and the SB8R...

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