Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Rotohak: The 325bhp BMW sidecar that… isn’t one!

Nice, shiny BMW, eh?

Pics: Rotohak

You’ll probably look at this bright-yellow sidecar rig and think it’s a BMW-powered trike. And you’d be completely wrong. Because what looks like a BMW engine poking out from the BMW R1150RT motorcycle fairing, is actually an empty shell!

The Rotohak’s sidecar actually packs a twin-turbo, 325bhp rotary engine from the Mazda Cosmo, mated to a VW automatic transmission. Both (the motorcycle’s as well as the sidecar’s) rear wheels are powered by this Mazda engine, and the owner claims this rig will actually wheelie if you cane it hard enough. Interesting? Read more about the Rotohak here.

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