Sunday, February 10, 2008

You’ve been framed: ARCF’s Titanium 'RatBikes'

Titanium chassis + swingarm = less weight + better handling

Less is more? Yes, perhaps, when it comes to ARC Fabrication’s lightweight titanium motorcycle chassis. ARCF are in the business of making motorcycle chassis that weigh less than the original equipment, and with reduced weight come handling and performance benefits. The company claims that their ‘RatBike’ frames, which are made of aerospace-grade titanium, offer ‘vastly improved geometry, ideal front/rear weight bias, unrivaled handling, better acceleration and shorter braking distances.’

While ARCF say they can work with engines from almost any Japanese, Italian or other bike manufacturer, they mostly seem to work with Ducati engines. Complete chassis kits consist of a titanium main- and sub-frame, titanium or molybdenum swingarm, and an (optional) ARC undertail exhaust system. The frames are compatible with a wide array of suspension components, so specials builders can pick and choose what they want.

ARCF are now in the process of developing titanium frames for Aprila, Buell and Suzuki GSX-R bikes. And that’s not all. ‘ARC has the capability to design and build a frame for almost any engine. Even if you have a jet turbine, we can build a frame around it,’ says the company website. For more details, visit the ARCF website here.

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Kenny Roberts and his boys will not be around in MotoGP this year. It seems Team KR hasn't been able to find sponsors. A pity. But we do hope they'll be back in 2009!

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