Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Harley-powered trike: The Cirbin V13R

V13R: Three wheels, a Harley-Davidson 125bhp v-twin and lots of chrome...

Started by two men – André Morissette and David Neault – the Canada-based Cirbin have recently started operations, and the V13R trike is their very first product. Conceptualized as a three-wheeled hot-rod that’s fun, stylish and performance-oriented, the V13R is fitted with a liquid-cooled, fuel-injected, 1250cc Harley-Davidson v-twin. Claimed power output is 125bhp at the rear wheel, and since the V13R weighs 475kg, performance should be at least reasonably entertaining.

The V13R’s engine is mated to a five-speed (plus one reverse) sequential transmission, and a toothed-belt final drive system transfers power to the single rear wheel. Clutch, brakes and accelerator controls are placed like those in a conventional car. The V13R can seat two people, and there’s space for luggage under the hood. For those who want to carry more luggage, optional side cases are also available.

As a package, the Cirbin V13R has been tuned and optimised for sporty performance
Pics: Motoblog

The Cirbin V13R features fibreglass bodywork, steel tube chassis, tubular steel roll bars and three-point seatbelts. Suspension comprises of fully adjustable monoshock at the rear, and fully adjustable twin front shocks at the front – both ends are set up for delivering a sporty and responsive ride and handling. Front wheels are 17-inchers, wearing 205/45 ZR-rated rubber, while the single rear wheel is an 18-incher, shod with 295/35 ZR rubber.

For more pics and details, visit the Cirbin website here.

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