Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Nanotechnology: Smart Helmets could save motorcyclists’ lives in the near future

Smarter than thou: The smart helmet, with its embedded nanotech sensors, will know exactly what's going on in your brain...

Researchers at the University of Illinois, in the US, are said to be working on a ‘smart helmet’ that could possibly benefit motorcycle riders. Initially developed for combat soldiers, this helmet would, in the event of a mishap, be able to transmit head injury data to emergency medical services.

The smart helmet is still in the development phase, and over the next one year, researchers plan to test regular helmets that have been modified and fitted with nanotechnology sensors. Working in tandem with the latest communication technologies, these sensors will be able to record and relay real time information about injuries to the wearer.

In the event of an accident, sensors embedded in the smart helmet would start recording changes in crucial factors like changes in oxygen levels in the blood, the heart rate, and other systemic variables in the brain. This information, relayed to medical teams that respond to an emergency, could possibly help them deal with potential problems and minimize the impact of serious injuries.

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