Thursday, March 06, 2008

Pendolauto: Franco Sbarro’s four-wheeled motorcycle concept unveiled

Franco Sbarro's latest - a four-wheeled motorcycle called the Pendolauto
Pics: CarAdvice

Franco Sbarro – the man who ‘invented’ the hubless wheel – is at it again. And this time, it’s a four-wheeled motorcycle – the Pendolauto concept – which was recently unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show.

While it is fitted with transparent Perspex wheels, perhaps to make them look like Sbarro’s earlier hubless wheels, the Pendolauto’s calling card is that it rides on four wheels. The bike is fitted with independent front and rear suspension, which allows it to lean into corners like a motorcycle. And yet, given that four wheels are inherently more stable than two, the Pendolauto may be safer than a conventional motorcycle.

Sbarro’s machines are more about style and rarely about real-world practicality, but still, his four-wheeled bike may indeed find use as a (very expensive?) learner bike and/or a weekend toy for those who don’t want to risk life and limb on a ZX-10R.

As of now, there’s no information on the Pendolauto’s engine or performance potential, and indeed, it’s a bit unlikely that this alien-looking thing will ever go into production. Still, it’s good to see that age hasn’t slowed down Mr Sbarro - he’s still thinking hard as ever…

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