Saturday, March 22, 2008

Tjitze Tjoelker’s homemade Honda V8

This homemade Honda V8 sure sounds good...!
Honda V8Honda V8

What do you do if you always wanted the Morbidelli 850 V8, but couldn’t afford one? Well, if you’re Dutchman Tjitze Tjoelker, you make your own V8-powered motorcycle of course.

Mr Tjoelker, a baker by profession, and someone who has no formal training in mechanical engineering, actually put together two Honda 400 inline-fours to make his V8. This engine, which supposedly makes 120bhp at 10,000rpm has been mated to a Moto Guzzi gearbox and driveshaft. And yes, the bike actually runs. We’re truly amazed…

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Dave (Red) said...

hey man, nice blog... I love motorbikes I have a VFR 700 F '86 some old right I know, any adive where to find service manual on PDF format? free of course

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