Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Space Efficient Vehicle: Redefining urban transport

Can this SEV and other similar trikes replace cars on our roads? We hope so!
Pics: Michelin Challenge Design

One of our readers – Ralph Panhuyzen – recently wrote to us, asking us to write about the machine he’s designed. Panhuyzen’s ‘Space Efficient Vehicle’ was one of the entries in the 2008 Michelin Challenge Design and features two wheels at the front, and two (clustered together) at the back, effectively making it a three-wheeler. The Netherlands-based Panhuyzen, who’s project lead and inventor of the SEV, says that the machine ‘is best perceived as a next-generation Isetta.’

Compared with cars, the sleek, lightweight SEV has advantages of maneuverability, better fuel economy, lower emissions, leaner production costs, and the ability to use the existing road infrastructure more efficiently. With its small engine, the narrow-track SEV will do anything between 75 to 110mpg and it’s been designed to meet the transportation needs of singles, couples, and one-child families.

For more information, visit the Michelin Challenge Design website here, or send a mail to

Here are some other interesting three-wheeler concepts from the MCD...

Pics: MCD

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