Tuesday, May 13, 2008

2009 Indian Chief: Out by Christmas this year, prices start at US$31,000

"Want some grief? Buy an Indian Chief. Want some more? Buy an Indian Four!" No, we're not saying that. It's just something we read somewhere some years ago...
Pics: Indian Motorcycle

Indian is one of those famous motorcycle marques that die, get resurrected and then die again. The name changes hands. Repeat cycle. Currently, the Indian Motorcycle name is owned by Stellican Limited, who purchased the rights in 2004. Now, they’re having a go at releasing a brand-new Indian motorcycle – the 2009 Indian Chief – in Standard, Deluxe, Roadmaster and Vintage variants.

After 50 years of lying dormant, the Indian Motorcycle name really is coming back

‘Restarting businesses is always hard work, but immensely satisfying. Brands such as Indian were not created overnight and they can't be re-created overnight. Testimony to the power of the brand, and to the greatness of the founders who established it, is that after 50 years of being dormant, the brand name is still a household word among motorcycle riders,’ says Stephen Julius, Chairman, Indian Motorcycle.

How much are you willing to pay for having that logo on your motorcycle?

‘We're going the make Indian the de facto standard in premium cruiser motorcycles and extreme customer satisfaction service. And we're going to do it at enough of a profit to ensure that the company will remain alive and well for a long, long time. Maybe even another hundred years,’ says Steve Heese, President, Indian Motorcycle.

Indian Motorcycle have released the first pics of the their 2009 Indian Chief, which will be available in four variants. All the classic Indian styling cues are there – deeply valanced fenders, studded leather seat, whitewall tyres, lots of chrome and that famous Indian logo.

Apart from the Standard version, the Indian Chief will also be available in Deluxe, Roadmaster and Vintage variants

The new Indian Chief is powered by the company’s own air-cooled, fuel-injected, 1720cc ‘Power Plus’ v-twin, which makes 135Nm of torque. (No power figures are quoted, though we suppose the engine would make at least 80bhp or so.) The chassis is a tubular steel number, and the gearbox is a six-speed unit. Wheels are 16-inchers front and rear, and the suspension comprises of a 41mm USD front fork and monoshock at the rear. The bike weighs about 334 kilos.

When it finally goes on sale later this year (?), the Standard 2009 Indian Chief will cost US$31,000. Higher-spec models, with more accessories will cost more – up to US$35,000. For more details, visit the Indian Motorcycle website here.

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