Monday, May 26, 2008

89mpg Biodiesel Harley wins 2008 Green Grand Prix

It probably won't go very fast, but this biodiesel-powered Harley will do 89mpg...
Pic: Autoblog Green

Earlier this month, the Fourth Annual Green Grand Prix took place in Watkins Glen, in New York. And guess what won their miles-per-gallon competition? A biodiesel-powered Harley-Davidson!

In the Doris Bovee Memorial SCCA road rally, with 46 participants using ten fuel types, Bill Bolch’s biodiesel-powered, 1990-model Harley FX12P did an amazing 89mpg and came out on top. Competitors were using all kinds of fuel – natural gas, petrol-electric hybrids, solar power, hydrogen fuel cells and even wood!

For more details, visit the Green Grand Prix website here.

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