Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Aprilia on track for MotoGP comeback

The RS3 Cube never really worked very well, but that doesn't scare Aprilia

Aprilia are ready to get over with their earlier failure in MotoGP with the RS3 Cube. The Italian company, which showed its RSV 4 WSBK racebike earlier this year, also wants to come back and race in MotoGP again.

According to a report on MCN, Aprilia boss Gigi Dall’Igna has confirmed that the company is now working on a new 800cc V4 engine for MotoGP. Aprilia will be in WSBK in 2009, but is not certain on when it can come back to MotoGP with the new V4.

With the two-stroke 250cc class being axed from GPs after 2010, and four-stroke 600s taking its place, Aprilia are sure they don’t want to go there. Unlike the Japanese, Aprilia don’t have any 600cc supersport street machines on which to base development for the new 600cc GP class, and they would rather come to MotoGP.

‘We will be back in MotoGP in the future and it will be with a V4 motor. For me, the V4 is the perfect engine for the 800cc class. For sure, Yamaha this year showed us that the in-line four is also very good, but my opinion is that the V4 is the best package,’ said Dall’Igna, speaking to MCN. He also said that this time, instead of involving someone like Cosworth (who developed Aprilia’s earlier RS3 MotoGP machine), Aprilia will develop the engine themselves.

‘We will do this project completely in-house. The experience to do a good car engine is not enough to do a good engine for bikes,’ said Dall’Igna, who still seems to be a bit unhappy with Cosworth.

Well, it should be amazing if Aprilia can indeed manage to pull it off and make a comeback to MotoGP. Some will remember that four-time 500cc world champ Eddie Lawson rode for Cagiva during his last few years in the GPs. Perhaps Valentino Rossi can ride for Aprilia’s MotoGP team in 2011?

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