Monday, May 05, 2008

Big CC Racing: 450bhp Suzuki B-King Turbo

450 horsepower should probably be just about enough, eh?
Pics: Big CC Racing

The Suzuki B-King’s 1340cc inline-four already makes 181 horsepower, which should be quite enough really for a naked bike that weighs 235 kilos. But, of course, some people always have to have more. Enter the UK-based Big CC Racing, who’ll be happy to bolt a turbocharger on to your B-King.

With 6psi of boost, their modular turbo system will take the B-King’s power output to 260bhp. Still not enough for you? Big CC will give you bigger injectors and upgraded turbo kits, and your B-King will have in excess of 450 horsepower. The basic kit costs the equivalent of about US$7,000 plus VAT. For more details, visit the Big CC Racing website here.

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