Friday, May 23, 2008

Buddfab Streamliner: The fastest 50cc machine in the world

The 50cc Buddfab Streamliner will do over 214km/h!
Pic: Buddfab

John Buddenbaum, master metal fabricator, and Eric Noyes, an engineer at NASA's Ames Research Center, have teamed up to build something very unusual – the Buddfab Streamliner. Fitted with a 50cc, two-stroke, single-cylinder Aprilia RS50 engine, the Buddfab can do speeds of over 210km/h!

The two men chose the Aprilia engine because the little Italian mill doesn’t melt if it’s run in a very high state of tune, and because parts for the engine are easily available. The RS50 engine was fettled with some help from AF1 Racing and inputs from Metrakit, a Spanish company that makes high performance racing parts for very small racing engines.

The Buddfab’s shape is inspired by World War II-era aircraft – Eric researched NACA (National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics) archives before deciding on the final shape for this Streamliner. The result is a machine where the rider lays face down in a prone position, with his arms in front. And yes, to be able to travel like this at 200km/h, barely inches off the ground, takes a big pair of you-know-what.

Who says you need a big motor to go fast...?
Pics: Motorcycle USA

The two designers of the Buddfab tried various things on the Aprilia RS50 engine – running it on everything from petrol to methanol to nitromethane, running it with nitrous oxide, and even experimenting with turbocharging.

The Buddfab finally took part in the 2006 BUB Speed Trials, where the team set two new records – the AMA Gasoline 50cc Motorcycle Streamliner Record at 194.24km/h, and the AMA Fuel Record at 214.08km/h. Who says you need a big motor to go really fast…

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George said...

The rider doesn't lay prone (The rider of the Nebulous Theorem 50 cc 'liner does). The rider is in a recumbent (easy chair)position.
Beautiful workmanship!

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