Thursday, May 08, 2008

Colin Edwards thinks Yamaha’s MotoGP comeback is all because of him!

You think Rossi and Lorenzo are doing well on their own steam? Pah! It's all because of Colin Edwards...

Colin Edwards, the Yamaha Tech3 rider who’s never managed to win a single race in MotoGP, says he’s played a critical role in the revival of Yamaha’s fortunes in the 2008 MotoGP season.

With both Jorge Lorenzo and Valentino Rossi doing well in this year’s MotoGP championship, Yamaha do indeed seem to be back in business. But would that be because of Mr Edwards? ‘The black and white of it is that there was no Valentino over the early part of winter. And with his lack of experience at that time, Jorge had nothing to do with development in November,’ says Colin, speaking to MCN.

‘Sure, he tested some things to get a direction but the reality is that I did all the testing on the new bike in November. In Sepang, and Jerez, I picked out what I liked about certain things and now we have got a bike that everybody can ride, and not just one guy like we’ve seen in the past,’ claims Colin.

But do not, for a minute, think Mr Edwards is blowing his own horn, for he says, ‘I’m not tooting my own horn, but we have a bike that four guys can ride comfortably at a fast pace, which has never been the Yamaha thing.’ And if that isn’t enough already, Edwards also says that Rossi’s departure from Michelin has helped other riders like Lorenzo and Pedrosa.

‘With no Valentino to spearhead Michelin development, we all did our own thing and Michelin started to decide to build tyres for certain guys. Instead of focusing on just what Valentino wanted, we all got our own direction. We don’t have Valentino on Michelins, and nothing against him because he won on Michelin a million times, but he swallowed up a lot of development,’ says the man who’s never, ever won a single MotoGP race in his entire career.

Colin, perhaps Rossi “swallowed up a lot of development” when he was with Michelin because he’s a five-time MotoGP world champ, and you’re not. What say, Mr Edwards?

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