Friday, May 09, 2008

Ecosse ES1 engineer wins design award, working prototype of the bike to be ready by year-end

Amrit Sharma has won an automotive design award for his work on the Ecosse ES1

Amrit Sharma, a PhD student from the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at the Imperial College London, has won a gold medal for automotive design at the Young European Arena of Research Awards, which was announced at the Transport Research Arena conference in Slovenia last month.

‘I am extremely flattered to have taken home a gold medal. There were a lot of good entrants from across Europe and coming first out of a very strong field is an achievement,’ said Sharma, who is of Indian origin.

Sharma won the award for mathematical models which show how air flowing over a bike can exert pressures on the vehicle, thus slowing it down and making it less efficient. Sharma, a team from the Control and Power Research Group, and motorcycle manufacturer Ecosse are using the mathematical models to improve the design of the Ecosse ES1 racing motorcycle.

New designs tested by Sharma’s model include rearranging the front and rear suspension, constructing the body from fibreglass, moving the chain drive, and altering where the rider’s feet and upper body are located. This creates an entirely new shape for the bike, which, according to tests, dramatically reduces the dragging effects of air flowing over the vehicle by approximately 50 percent, and helps increase its speed by 30 percent.

The team believes it will have a working prototype of the Ecosse ES1 by the end of December this year. Which would be just phenomenal, because with a dry weight of 120kg, more than 200bhp on tap, and styling that breaks new ground in ergonomics and aerodynamics, the Ecosse ES1 should indeed be a motorcycle worth waiting for!

A video of the Ecosse ES1

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