Saturday, May 17, 2008

JvB-moto Scrambler: A modern classic?

The Ducati Monster-based JvB-moto Scrambler looks hot!

The idea, with the JvB-moto Scrambler, was to build a bike that would be simple, light, robust and good for any kind of road. Taking design cues from classic Ducati scramblers of the 1970s, the JvB-moto Scrambler is meant to be a minimalist all-rounder that’s great fun to ride.

The bike is based on a Ducati Monster 1000ie. It weighs 170 kilos, while the air-cooled desmo twin makes 95bhp. Various carbonfibre and Kevlar parts have been used in the bike’s construction

The JvB-moto Scrambler is the work of a German motorcycle enthusiast, Jens vom Brauck, who’ll be happy to build a similar one for you if you like his machine. Buyers can specify their own choice of components, so prices will vary for each bike. To see more of Brauck’s work, visit his website here.

More examples of JvB-moto's work...
Pics: JvB-moto

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