Friday, May 23, 2008

Valentino Rossi: "I have 30 years, 7 titles, and some regret…"

Rossi, who'll soon be 30 years old, says he isn't prepared to slow down just yet...

No.46, The Doctor, recently spoke to Italian newspaper Gazzetta, and some excerpts were published on Motoblog. These make for very interesting reading, and perhaps provide an insight into the psyche of the world’s most successful, most talented motorcycle racer ever.

Speaking on the speculation regarding his moving on from Yamaha at the end of this year, Rossi says, ‘At the end of this season I am not going to change bikes. If I have to, I will change sports. I hope to do some more years in MotoGP, and then I want to spend some years with my other passion, cars. Perhaps rallying, perhaps more. But I’m not yet ready to stop racing.’

With five MotoGP world championships, and the distinct possibility of winning at least one more, The Doctor is one of the greatest bike racers of all time

‘This year belongs to the very young and the very fast. But if I concentrate, and if I’m committed, they are not faster than me. Not yet. Of course, there are no longer the days when I can win 10 races in a year,’ says Rossi. ‘But I can choose to do something else. I have won seven world titles – I do not have to prove anything to anyone,’ he adds.

Speaking on not having moved to F1 with Ferrari, Rossi says, ‘It's been a difficult choice. Very difficult. Regret is perhaps not the right word, but I do how I would have done in F1. It was always my dream to run with Ferrari. But at that time, I was not ready for the jump.’

On living in Italy, Rossi says, ‘The price to pay to stay here is very high. But after so many years of living abroad, I want to return to my house, where I grew up, and where I have my roots. I want to start all over again and enjoy what I have.’

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As with regards to MotoGP, I think he's got plenty left in him, if the last two races are anything to go by!

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