Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Battle of the Brits: Carl Fogarty takes on James Toseland

Mr Fogarty has his head right up his own arse as usual, while Toseland probably can't figure out why Foggy is getting into all of this anyway...

Voted by BIKE magazine readers as one of the biggest idiots in motorcycling, Carl Fogarty is at it again – this time, the WSBK ex-world champ has taken on James Toseland, saying that Toseland needs to start winning before he runs out of time.

‘James is already twenty-seven. When you're a two-time World Superbike champion like him, and have already earned lots of money and fame, it can be difficult for that person to be hungry and motivated,’ says Mr Fogarty, according to a report on The Sun newspaper. ‘The likes of Jorge Lorenzo and Casey Stoner are a lot younger than James and want it more than anyone else. They are already winning races, while James is coming sixth, seventh and eighth,’ he adds.

‘Only James knows how bad he wants it. He's got the equipment under him to do it but I'm not sure. As long as his team's good enough and the bike is fast enough, which to me it looks like it is, then he has no excuses,’ says Fogarty. ‘I can understand him struggling at tracks he doesn't know [but] if he goes to Donington and doesn't get on the podium, I'll be worried, because he knows that track like the back of his hand.’

Sure, Carl was a great rider in his time, but now he should just learn to shut the f*** up

What we don’t understand is, why does Carl Fogarty need to butt in at all? Sure, he was a great rider in his time and won all those world championships aboard his Ducati 916, but what has Fogarty done over the last few years? Where is he coming from, and why is he getting involved in any of this? The man’s been a complete failure at everything he’s tried in recent years, so why the sudden attack on James Toseland?!?

On his part, Toseland says, ‘I can't wait to get to Donington. I’ve had five tracks in a row that have been completely new and it’s tough work learning the ropes as well as trying to be competitive.’

‘I'm going to be pushing so hard, I really want that podium place now. I know Donington well and the one after that is Assen, where I’ve also won before. So hopefully I’ll be a lot more competitive in the next two races and show people what I am capable of,’ says Toseland.

‘I get on well with Carl, but I don’t think he really knows me. If he did, he’d never question my desire. Maybe he said it because he didn’t get the opportunity I’ve had to step up to MotoGP,’ says Toseland, who obviously isn’t very happy with Mr Carl ‘Big Mouth’ Fogarty.

‘I want this more than anything. It isn’t just a pay day for me. It would have been much easier to stay in World Superbikes but I achieved all my goals there, and it was time to take on a new challenge,’ concludes Toseland.

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