Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Honda test new ABS system for bikes

For now, Honda are testing their new ABS-CBS system on the CBR600RR, but this should be available across the Honda motorcycles range by 2010

While a front and rear linked braking system has already been available on the Honda CBR1100XX and VFR800 bikes, Honda are now taking things forward and have started testing their new-generation ABS-CBS anti-lock brakes, which use brake-by-wire technology.

Fitted to a CBR600RR for testing, the new Honda ABS system is designed to offer maximum ‘feel’ and sensitivity, and be as unobtrusive as possible. When the front brake is applied hard, the system senses how much pressure is being applied to the brake lever, and the assistance you get from the rear wheel brake is determined according to that.

Also, the brakes are applied hard, there is none of the traditional ABS ‘pulsing’ effect – the bike just stops flat and hard, without either of the wheels locking up. The ABS-CBS system also aids stability, keeping the bike from pitching forward under hard braking.

Essentially, Honda’s new ABS-CBS system allows riders to brake as hard as needed – even on wet and slippery surfaces – without fear of either wheel locking up or the bike sliding out. Honda are likely to introduce ABS-CBS brake-by-wire on the 2009 Fireblade, followed by the rest of the Honda range in 2010.
Someday, all Honda bikes will have ABS

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