Friday, June 27, 2008

Isle of Man to host clean, green GP next year

Deal with this, Mr John McGuinness...

A ‘clean emissions Grand Prix race’…? That’s exactly what’s going to happen at the Isle of Man next year. The TTxGP will be held in 2009, on the legendary Isle of Man TT circuit.

According to the organizers, ‘The planned TTxGP will showcase a diverse range of vehicles capable of reaching Grand Prix race speeds. Racing teams are likely to be backed by international corporations, universities and high tech institutions, all eager to prove their credentials in the brave new world of clean emission transportation.’

The 2009 TTxGP will run alongside the regular Isle of Man TT races in June next year. The race will, according to the organizers, ‘Establish the world’s first clean emission Grand Prix and set the benchmark in environmentally friendly racing excellence.’

‘Although this is a radical departure from conventional racing, the TTxGP is a stand alone race and a concept which encapsulates the spirit of the traditional Isle of Man TT,’ says Azhar Hussain, TTxGP founder. ‘Combining the world’s greatest road racing circuit with state of the art clean emission technologies brings yet another fantastic first for our small but proud nation,’ adds John Shimmin, Minister for the Environment, Isle of Man.

‘The TTxGP is an enormously exciting prospect from an engineering perspective. It comes at a time when we are reaching a tipping point in the search for, and acceptance of, alternative energy sources. The TTxGP provides a fantastic way of promoting and popularizing these new technologies, serving to inspire young engineering professionals to turn their skills to tackling the pressing energy issues of the modern world,’ says Simon Maddison, Technical Director of TTxGP and Fellow of the Institute of Engineering and Technology.

For more details, and to register for the race, visit the TTxGP website here

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