Sunday, June 08, 2008

Moto Revue: Bimota DB7 first ride

The Bimota DB7 is no pale imitation of the Ducati 1098, says MR...

Pics: Moto Revue
French magazine, Moto Revue recently got to ride the new Bimota DB7, and came away impressed. ‘Little in terms of size and production volumes, Bimota is big in terms of the quality of its achievements,’ says MR. With 160bhp at 9,750rpm, the Ducati 1098-engined DB7 is the most powerful Bimota ever built. ‘Careful, it bites!’ warns MR.

According to the MR ride report, the Bimota DB7 feels very well built – something that adds to the experience when the hand-built bike is ridden very fast. ‘Full of punch, it is certainly not a pale copy of the 1098,’ claims MR.

Testing the bike at the Misano circuit in Italy, the DB7, according to MR, feels even more stable than the 1098 at high speeds, and is a proper racer-spec motorcycle. With its ultra-rigid chassis, very high quality suspension and an engine that’s bursting with power and torque, the DB7 needs an expert rider to get the best out of it...

...and here's what MCN, who also got to ride the bike, has to say about the Bimota DB7


first_synn said...

Sigh, remember when Bimotas used to be gorgeous?

P.S. I Still want one.

Aaron Weber said...

Why don't more people do that kind of front suspension?

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