Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Ram Italia's US$4,000 magnesium swingarm for the Ducati 1098

Yeah, that Ducati 1098 swingarm is 15% lighter than stock, and costs about 4,000 bucks. And yes, it looks good enough for you to fondle it when no one's looking...

If you’ve just bought a Ducati 1098 and still have about US$4,000 left to spend on your bike, you could run out right now and get Ram Italia's magnesium swingarm for the 1098. The swingarm is 15 percent lighter than the stock item and looks so good that you’d want to fondle it when no one’s looking. And then perhaps take it to bed with you. Yeah, well…

Ram Italia's swingarm has more torsional rigidity than the standard Ducati item, and is more resistant to bending and flexing at high speeds. It’s also 15mm longer than stock, for added stability. With this swingarm in place, you can fit either 17-inch or 16.5-inch wheels on your Ducati – whatever makes you go 0.01 seconds faster while commuting to the local supermarket.

And while you’re at it, you may also want to pick up Ram Italia's eccentric chain adjuster kit for your Ducati 1098. That would cost another US$800 however, so at least we can’t afford one. If you can, visit Ram Italy’s website for more details.

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