Tuesday, June 03, 2008

UDO: Twisted Trikes’ FireBlade-powered three-wheeler

Honda Fireblade engine + three wheels = loads of fun!

Pics: Twisted Trikes

Here’s yet another three-wheeler that should be loads of fun. Created by Twisted Trikes, the UDO (unidentified driving object) package consists of a 954 model Honda CBR900RR engine, six-speed sequential-shift gearbox, three wheels, custom-made chassis, adjustable coil-over-shock front suspension, rack and pinion steering, and Momo F1-type steering wheel.

The UDO weighs about 290 kilos and while no performance figures are available, the thing should accelerate harder than most sportscars and hit a top speed of about 240km/h. Sounds like our kind of fun…

For more details, visit the Twisted Trikes website here

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