Sunday, July 06, 2008

2009 Honda VFR1000 to be officially revealed later this year

A simulated rendering of the 2009 Honda VFR1000
Pic: Motociclismo

We first wrote about the 2009 Honda VFR1000 in August last year. Now, according to a report on Motociclismo, Honda are finally ready with their brand-new VFR1000, which will replace the ageing VFR800 and the erstwhile CBR1100XX Super Blackbird. And according to the report, the VFR1000 will be ready by September this year!

The 2009 VFR1000 will be fitted with 1,000cc V5, which would be an evolution of the five-cylinder, 990cc RC211V engine. No, the VFR1000 will not be anything like the Desmosedici RR. The Honda will still be a sports-tourer, albeit an extremely fast and high-tech one.

The VFR1000’s V5 engine will share its basic architecture – three cylinders facing the front, two facing the rear – with the RC211V MotoGP machine. Honda have been working on the new VFR for the last five years, and everything they’ve learnt with the RC211V is likely to be put to good use on their first V5-powered streetbike.

The V5 Honda VFR1000 project is, according to Motociclismo, being led by Yoshiteru Kinoshita, who’s working with engineers from HRC as well as the team that worked on creating the 2008 CBR1000RR. The aim, it seems, is to build a bike that features absolutely unparalleled electronics, braking, engine and chassis technologies. And knowing Honda, they’ll probably pull it off too. Now all we have to do is somehow wait till September…

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Anonymous said...

I reckon its the 1100xx SuperBlackbird not the 1000 :)

poundstrecher said...

I thought VFR stood for V four so will we be getting a 5 cylinder V4 DAH; I will be expecting around 1200cc hypo sport tourer with all the fruit XX flagship replacement.ZX14,Hayabusa,K1200s performance and techno: advancement. It needs to be good to replace the bird, but the cheque book is ready

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