Thursday, July 10, 2008

Fun One: Volkswagen shows futuristic trike concept

Volkswagen's fancy new trike concept, the One

Volkswagen have launched their ‘Visions of the Future’ website, where they showcase the cars – and, it seems, trikes – they may be building twenty years from now. And the one thing that caught our attention was, er, the One, a rather cool three-wheeler concept.

While it still won’t be able to fly, the VW One will be able to communicate with other similar vehicles, ‘see’ traffic signals and respond to them, find parking space and then park itself automatically, and link up with other One trikes to effortlessly find its way through rush hour traffic.

Back in May this year, we had reported that VW wants to start making motorcycles, perhaps with some help from KTM. We don’t know if that’s still on, but if not, the least VW can do is build the One as soon as they can…

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