Thursday, August 21, 2008

BMW F800R: Will they or won’t they?

Update (4th Nov. 2008):
The 2009 BMW F800R: Specs and first official pics

The questions are, whether BMW will build the F800R and if so, whether the bike would be based on the F800S or the F800GS...?

According to various reports on the Web, BMW are expected to launch a naked version of the F800S – the F800R – by the end of this year. In the meanwhile, Klostermier BMW, BMW dealers based in Augsburg, Germany, have already made their own version of the F800R – it’s the orange bike you see above.

On the other hand, there are also some reports that say BMW will not be making an F800S-based naked after all. The reason being cited is that such a bike will be too expensive to produce and that BMW will not be able to price it competitively.

According to these reports, the BMW F800R will, instead, be based on the F800GS. With its steel tube chassis and chain drive, an F800GS-based F800R will be cheaper to build, which would allow BMW to price it against similar bikes from Japan. Hmmm… all should be revealed in the next 2 – 3 months!

Is this how the F800R going to look...?
Pics: F800 Riders

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