Saturday, August 09, 2008

BMW goes down low…

In response to customer feedback, some BMW bikes, including the F650GS and R1200R, will now be available with factory-engineered lowered suspension and lower seat height...

According to BMW, their customer research shows there are many riders who prefer a lower seat height, but who will not compromise on model choice. According to the company, ‘feedback from female, novice and shorter riders confirmed that controlling a machine can be difficult at slow speeds, especially when riding motorcycles with a higher seat height.’

So BMW are now offering the option to order some selected bikes with lowered suspension, which would provide customers with lower seat height options. BMW already offer a lower seat as a factory-fit option for most of their models, but some riders require their seat to be lower still. The company hopes its new, lower suspension bikes will take care of the needs of such riders.

The lower suspension option is now available on the F800S and ST, R1200R, R1200RT, F650GS and R1200GS. BMW say that their factory-engineered lowered suspension bikes come with a low seat, but the actual lowering modification from the standard machine varies from model to model.

Bikes such as the F800ST come with a shorter rear shock absorber and front forks which have been lowered through the yokes. BMW's boxer-engined models, such as the R1200RT and R1200GS, achieve the lower positioning by adding a shorter strut to the front and rear shock absorbers. The Telelever settings have also been changed on these bikes.

The factory fitting of lowered suspension will cost an additional US$200 on the purchase price of each model.

The BMW F800 ST. Cool, eh?

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Aaron Weber said...

You know what they say: Short people got no reason to live.

Oh, wait, they do?

I keep looking for smaller motorcycles which are not necessarily intended to be entry-level motorcycles. Just like the BMW M3 is relatively small but not an "entry level" car, I want something low, light, fuel-efficient, with adjustable light-grip controls... and awesomeness. I'll pay extra.

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