Friday, September 19, 2008

Faster and Faster gets a new logo

Regular visitors to this site would have noticed that starting today, we have a brand-new logo in place. This was designed for us by Paul Lozba, who’s the Creative Director at Pherra.

Paul wrote us an email saying he thought the Faster and Faster header image was a bit… plain, and that we ought to do better. And when we told him about our very limited design capabilities, Paul was kind enough to create this brand-new logo for us, without even charging a single penny for his work!

Hope you like the new logo as much as we do. And, Paul, we’re very grateful. Thanks once again…


suren said...

this logo looks super cool !!!

Kevin White said...

Nice. Your site does a great job and I appreciate it.

theslayer said...

Look at that will you! Damn! Awesome! Ungrateful wretch i'm.. all these days i've been feasting on the blog, for free and never thought I could lend a hand with the design... Aarrghh. Anyway, sweet gesture by Paul.. The World does seem a better place to live in!


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