Tuesday, September 09, 2008

First pics: 2009 Yamaha XJ6 Diversion / Yamaha FZ6R

The 2009 Yamaha XJ6 Diversion. Looks a bit dull, eh...?

Yamaha have released the first pictures of their new middleweight sports-tourer, the XJ6 Diversion. Fitted with a 599cc, liquid-cooled, inline-four that makes 78 horsepower at 11,500rpm and 60Nm at 8,500rpm, this seems to be the bike with which Yamaha will takes on the likes of the Honda CB600F, Suzuki GSR600/GSX650F and Kawasaki ER-6n.

The Yamaha XJ6 Diversion (with the addition of a full fairing, this will be sold as the FZ6R in the US market) gets a tubular steel chassis, 41mm conventional fork, preload-adjustable monoshock, box-section steel swingarm, and twin 298mm brake discs at the front, with twin-piston calipers. ABS is optional.

Fully fueled and ready to go, the 2009 XJ6 Diversion weighs in at 210 kilos. The bike will be in Yamaha showrooms by January 2009 and prices will start at US$6,990. Just one thing though – the XJ6 Diversion might prove to be a reasonably decent ride for beginners, but did it have to look so terribly dull…? Surely, Yamaha could have tried to make it look a bit more exciting…

With the addition of a full fairing, the European-spec Yamaha XJ6 Diversion becomes the Yamaha FZ6R for the American market. Still looks a bit dull anyway...  
...and here's the 2009 Yamaha FZ6R promo video image host


Jeremiah said...

A bit DULL?
Have you seen the FLAMES on the white one?
Anything but dull. The Desmodici RR pales in comparison.

ZZZzzzz Wha? What?! I must have been staring at it for too long.

Anonymous said...

DULL????? What do you want, psychellic graphics? Anything but dull. If you want a race bike , buy a race bike. DULL???

I dont think so. Especially for a touring bike it is a bit rad, I would say.

Jamie Reeves said...

Have ridden the Suzuki and the Triumph. The Triumph is certainly more serious but the Suzuki offers enough "bang" for me at considerably less cost. GP Bikes (Triumph) and Asselstines (Suzuki) are both are both exceptional dealerships so that doesn't enter the equation. I do look forward to a test of the HOT 600/650/675 class (with the FZ6:) to help me make up my mind.


Jamie Reeves

PS - I don't think the Yamaha looks "dull" either.

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