Friday, October 24, 2008

Bloodhound Project: The quest for 1,600km/h!

Ok, so the Bloodhound SSC isn't a bike, but anything that wants to travel at 1,600km/h - on land - deserves to be on this website...

About 12 years ago, Andy Green and the Thrust SSC bust the sound barrier on their way to setting the current World Land Speed Record of 1,228km/h. Now, Green is joining forces with former record-holder Richard Noble, in a bid to go faster still…!

Green and Noble’s Bloodhound Project is, according to a press release, ‘Designed to re-ignite interest in science, technology, engineering and mathematics amongst the youth, and raise the numbers entering technology careers.’ Well, sure, if they can do all of that on their way to setting a new land speed world record, we’re all for it!

The Bloodhound supersonic car (SSC), which weighs 6,400kg and is 12.8m long, uses a combination of jet, rocket and piston-engined power. The project, based in Bristol in the UK, is headed by Noble, while Green will handle the actual driving. The aim is to do a 1280km/h run in 2009, 1440km/h in 2010 and 1,600km/h in 2011.

The Bloodhound will, of course, be a bit quicker than your average Hayabusa or ZZR1400. The SSC car will accelerate from zero to 1,600km/h in about 40 seconds, at which point it will be traveling fast enough to cover half a kilometer in the blink of an eye.

The venue for these record-setting runs has not been decided yet, but given that there are probably only a very few places on Earth where you can potter along at 1,600km/h anyway, Black Rock Desert, Nevada, in the US (the scene of Green’s record with the Thrust SSC) could be a likely choice. For more details, visit the official website here

A video of the amazing Thrust SSC

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