Friday, October 03, 2008

Peugeot HYmotion3 Compressor concept unveiled at the 2008 Paris Motor Show

The Peugeot HYmotion3 Compressor concept, the coolest trike we've seen in a long time...!

For those who miss the BMW C1, Peugeot have designed the all-new HYmotion3 Compressor concept, a two-seater trike that features Peugeot’s ‘HYmotion’ hybrid/petrol technology.

With its glass roof and three wheels, the HYmotion3 Compressor is a car/scooter hybrid that’s fitted with 3kW electric motors in each of its two front wheels, and a supercharged, 20bhp, 125cc petrol engine that drives the single rear wheel. The HYmotion3 can be ridden in electric-only mode, petrol engine only mode, or hybrid three-wheel-drive mode. The HYmotion3 Compressor also gets stop-start, probably the first non-car application of this technology anywhere in the world.

Very sophisticated, very high-tech and proof that 'environment friendly' doesn't have to be boring

Two aluminium roll-over bars support the HYmotion3’s glass bubble roof, which provides a reasonable amount of weather protection to the trike’s occupants. There’s a rear-view camera in there, by-wire controls for everything, parallelogram type front suspension (which allows the front wheels to tilt) with a transversely mounted damper at its centre, tubular steel chassis, anti-lock brakes and a regenerative braking system that charges the batteries which power the dual electric motors.

The HYmotion3 will accelerate from zero to 100km/h in 11.2 seconds, do the standing quarter-mile (400m) in 17.6 seconds and is capable of hitting a top speed of 110km/h. Sure, it’s no road-rocket, but the numbers indicate that this trike should have enough performance for the city and it should be way more fun (and easier to park) than most cars. For us, this smart little three-wheeler from Peugeot proves that ‘hybrid’ and ‘environment friendly’ doesn’t necessarily have to be boring…

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Simon Evans said...

Interesting, a roll cage with no retention or capture system (seatbelts and seatbacks)for the occupants. Frontal impact = helmeted head jerks forwards, makes contact with roof frame, neck breaks.
The occupants will get wet when it rains and ono-one has tested on/off drive systems on motorcycles or leaning trikes. The transverse damper also means no independent response to bumps for each front wheel. Surely the greatest benefit frm hybrid power is that mounting the electric motors means freedom and independence from the need to also couple the internal combustion engine, allowing it to operate at peak-efficienct rpm at all times. This looks like a hotch-potch of `feelgood` factors, which on close inspection will NOT work...

Somehow, I don't think this will get built.

Anonymous said...

The roof is useless as a roll-cage when the occupant is free to bounce around (ie, without harness to strap them inside). It's also as good as useless for weather protection, with sides completely exposed at low city speeds this machine is intended for you'd get very wet anyway.
... and 0-100 in 11.2 seconds is about as exciting as your average family car!
Both thumbs down from me.

Alex Lowe said...

Agree with above, although acceleration isn't a be-all and end-all, but nice to have, nevertheless!
Note also, no windscreen wiper, the odd wasted space between the back of the cage and the 'tail' (surely room for a small boot).
Lack of doors/sides is odd, as presumably it can be self-supporting on 3 wheels with (also presumed) parking brake applied, but the 'hotos' are clearly photomanipulations, so don't give an accurate idea of it's dimensions, especially width.
Given such radical pretensions/ambitions, one might have expected something with a lower seat and roof - altogether more car-like seating and full enclosure; this is more like a three-wheeled BMW C1, with extra gimmicks!

Anonymous said...

THE best solution for the job mobility.
I live on the Italian Riviera (Liguria region).
The traffic is......
1 hour = 30 Km.

The scooter is the only solution (train and bus are useless...there are no one when i start to work: 7:00 am).

But in the winter a scooter is hard to use.

PEUGEOT: the new solution !!!

I will buy one immediatly !!!

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