Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The 200bhp nitrous-oxide-powered Suzuki B-King

A 200bhp Suzuki B-King? Yes, yes, yes! We want one of these! 
Pics: Superbike
Powered by the Hayabusa’s 1.3-litre engine, the stock Suzuki B-King weighs 262kg and packs around 160bhp. It does the standing quarter-mile (400m) in 10.23 seconds and top speed is about 250km/h. And that, for some people, simply isn’t enough. Which is where the B-King you see here comes in…

The guys at Superbike magazine took their long-term (stock) Suzuki B-King to Big CC Racing for their Stage I makeover: A set of Yoshimura TRC end cans, Dynojet Power Commander III with hub, a nitrous-oxide kit and some airbox mods. Plus a shortened tail unit, replacement LED tail lamp, smaller numberplate and a set of mini indicators to clean up the aesthetics.

The Yoshimura exhaust system looks so right on this bike. This is how Suzuki should have made it in the first place. Now all that needs to be added is a supercharger...

Press the horn button on this bike and the nitrous-oxide system boosts power to around 200bhp. With the speed limiter removed, the Nitro B-King is loud and fast – there’s no mercy ever, for the bike’s Dunlop Qualifier rear tyre. ‘In third gear, at full throttle, pressing the button is like operating a fast-forward switch on a video. The front wheel lifts like it's in first gear, and you're quickly braking to avoid running into the back of slower motorway traffic,’ say the guys at Superbike mag. Brilliant…

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