Tuesday, December 02, 2008

APC launches the airbag helmet for motorcyclists

APC's airbag helmet could be a life-saver for motorcyclists...

Based in Barcelona, Spain, APC Systems have come out with an innovation that could well save some lives. The Spanish company has developed crash helmets that incorporate an airbag, increasing the level of crash protection for motorcyclists.

According to the company, a small, simple control box fitted on the motorcycle receives and processes data, which allows it to determine when a collision may be imminent. When this ‘black box’ figures out that the rider is about to crash, it relays a signal which inflates the crash helmet’s airbag in less than 15/100th of a second, increasing safety levels for the rider.

There are no cables or any other physical elements linking the rider to the bike – the black box works on its own, in a manner that’s completely unobtrusive. And when it inflates, the airbag provides protection to the rider’s neck and back, reducing the chances of severe injury. In the event of a crash, the airbag stabilises the neck and protects the upper back, the benefits of which are obvious.

The APC helmet airbag is, apparently, only available in Spain right now, so we do hope it’ll also go on sale elsewhere in the world over the next few months. For more details on the company and the airbag helmet, visit the APC website here

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