Saturday, February 23, 2008

Mille Percento: Moto Guzzi Griso BB1 1420

The big-bore Griso BB1 looks dark and aggressive. We like it!
Pic: Motorcycle USA

Here’s a bit of good news for Moto Guzzi fans – Italian tuning house Mille Percento have launched a bored-out, liquid-cooled, 1420cc version of the air-cooled Griso 1100. With the modified engine making 125bhp at 7500rpm, the Griso BB1’s performance is likely to be significantly better than the stock bike’s.

A large radiator mounted across the front of the crankcases, a water pump, larger fuel-injectors, Ohlins suspension and Brembo brakes with radial-mount calipers are also a part of the package.

No word on prices yet, but the Mille Percento Griso BB1 1420 meets Euro III emissions regulations and will be sold in Europe as a limited production model.

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Does the Ducati 848 have what it takes to take on its own big brother, the 1098? See what the men at MCN have to say about that, here!

2008 Aprilia RSV 4 ‘Race Machine’ unveiled in Milan

With its 200bhp V4, the RSV 4 should be the bike to watch out for in WSBK 2009

Pics: Motoblog

One of the most eagerly awaited machines this year, the 1000cc, V4-powered Aprilia RSV 4 was recently unveiled at the International Piaggio Group Convention in Milan, Italy. The RSV 4 is powered by Aprilia’s all-new 65-degree V4, which is actually the Italian company’s first four-cylinder engine, and which has specifically been designed to allow Aprilia to go racing in AMA and/or World Superbikes in 2009.

The Aprilia RSV 4 is likely to be a formidable machine. The 1000cc V4, which features advanced electronics and a ride-by-wire system, is supposed to produce 200bhp. And Aprilia, who’ve already been quite successful in 125cc and 250cc GP racing, want the same kind of success in WSBK. With some development work over the next two years, the RSV 4 ‘Race Machine’ is likely to be up to the task.

Yeah, that 200bhp Aprilia V4 is quite stunning indeed...

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From the PB mag forum, these are computer-generated mockups of streetbikes based on the high-tech but ill-fated Aprilia RS3 Cube MotoGP machine!

Friday, February 22, 2008

2008 MotoGP bike pics

Can Rossi's talents bring the MotoGP world championship back to Yamaha this year, or will the Ducati-Stoner combo dominate again? We also expect Suzuki and Kawasaki to do better this year, so things should be very interesting indeed!

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From PB, here's a computer-generated mockup of a Kawasaki GPZ-10R. Looks interesting...

...and here's a very hot looking Repsol-replica 2008 Fireblade, regular 2008 ZX-10R and a Sheene-tribute, Vermeulen-replica GSX-R1000 which looks amazing!

Valentino Rossi: Dainese pics

Valentino Rossi and Alessia Piovan want that you should buy more Dainese helmets, gloves, leathers, jackets and so on. Especially you female bikers out there...
Pics: MCN

These pics are from a new Dainese advertisement featuring The Doctor and Italian actress Alessia Piovan. Ms Piovan has, apparently, been brought in to star alongside Rossi as a part of Dainese’s strategy to attract more female bikers. Ummm… if that’s correct, and if female bikers would be more attracted towards Alessia rather than Rossi, that’s probably bad news for a lot of us… :-(

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Which is hotter - the 2008 Kawasaki ZX-10R or the Ducati 1098 Tricolore? We'd take the Ninja's engine, and the 1098's styling... :-)

Monday, February 18, 2008

Adiva AD250: A cool, convertible scooter!

The smart, sexy and stylish Adiva AD250. We want one!

Set up in 1996, Adiva Corp. say they’ve been working on developing ‘a new generation of vehicles better suited for city mobility, based on the concepts and innovations inspired by the company’s owner, Nicola Pozio.’ And apparently, one of the things they’ve been trying their hand at is the scooter-with-a-roof concept, which BMW also tried with the C1.

Adiva have been making and selling their scooters in Europe for the last few years – this was earlier in marketing tieups with Benelli and Renault, though the company has now decided to go it alone. With their funky foldaway roofs, Adiva scooters have been a hit with commuters who want both – the sheer ease and convenience of a two-wheeler in dense city traffic, and the weather protection of a small car.

The AD250's foldaway roof can be stowed in the scooter's trunk...

Like with some sportscars, the two-seater Adiva AD250’s roof can be folded and stowed away in either the scooter’s trunk, or it can be left at home. The scooter, with its steel tube trellis frame, is fitted with a single-cylinder, 244cc Piaggio engine that makes 22bhp at 8250rpm – should be just about adequate for the Adiva’s rather porky 175kg dry weight. This nifty little urban commuting tool runs on 14-inch wheels, and is fitted with Brembo disc brakes front and rear. The rear shock is adjustable for preload.

For more details, visit the Adiva website here.

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Above: For those who think scooters aren't good enough, here's proof of the fact that God himself rides one. And below: If you don't have to have a roof on your scooter, then the Piaggio Beverly Touring also looks quite all right to us...

MotoGP: Stoner fastest in Jerez qualifying shootout, wins BMW Z4 M Roadster

It's last year's story all over again - one mega-fast Aussie, and two ex-world champs who just can't keep up with him!

Reigning MotoGP world champion, Casey Stoner has made it very clear that it won’t be easy – for The Doctor or for anyone else – to take his crown away from him this year. The young Aussie proved to be the fastest in a 40-minute qualifying session at Jerez, winning the BMW Z4 M Roadster that was up for grabs as the prize.

Stoner, who won all of 10 races last year on his way to winning the 2007 MotoGP world championship, set a best time of 1:49:263 at Jerez, in the rain. And even though track conditions improved later on, no other rider could beat Stoner’s time. In second place was Rossi, with a best time of 1:50:580, while Nicky Hayden was third-fastest, with a 1:50:785. Fiat Yamaha’s new rider for 2008, Jorge Lorenzo was in last place, with a best time of 1:53:292.

‘This is fantastic. Last year we did an amazing job in all the qualifying sessions during the season and I was able to take a car at the end of it, so to start out 2008 in the same way is great,’ said Stoner. ‘It was fun because it's a bit of competition, and not just because there was a car on the line. We could've been racing for a piece of bubblegum and everybody would've tried just as hard,’ said Hayden.

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After two years of losing out to Hayden and then Stoner, can The Doctor really come back to win the MotoGP world championship this year? We hope he does!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Funky BMW: Rodney Aguiar’s 1983 R80ST

We think this custom-built BMW R80ST looks very cool...

Who would have thought you could do this with an early-1980s BMW R80ST? One Rodney Aguiar, it seems, who’s gone ahead and made this super-funky Beemer, using a lot of time, money, technology and ingenuity!

Rodney’s 1983 BMW R80ST has been fitted with a custom-made frame and fuel tank, the rear shock and front fork are from a Suzuki GSX-R, and the swingarm/shaft-drive is from a police BMW R1150RT. The R80’s black-painted engine gets computer-controlled fuel-injection from a 1996 BMW R1100, and Mr Aguiar has even bolted on a Mitsubishi turbocharger on the old Beemer boxer-twin! Definitely looks interesting to us…

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And here are some very cool Benelli pics from the PB mag forum. We think the Alitalia paintscheme looks the best, followed by those Martini Racing colours
Pics: PB mag forum

Fuel-efficiency champ: The Craig Vetter Streamliner

The Craig Vetter streamliner didn't accelerate hard or go fast. But yes, it did a lot of mpg...
Craig Vetter, who became famous for his ‘Windjammer’ motorcycle fairings in the early-1980s, also had a passion for… fuel economy! Indeed, not scorching acceleration, not 300km/h top speeds, but fuel economy. So, Mr Vetter started the Craig Vetter Fuel Economy Contest, an annual event where riders tried to get the maximum mileage from their bikes. In fact a Harley rider won the inaugural event in 1980, managing to get a fairly amazing 97.9mpg from the one-litre Harley v-twin.

Vetter was convinced he could do better than that, and given his experience with motorcycle fairings, decided to build an aerodynamic, super-fuel-efficient streamliner. The starting point was a Kawasaki KZ250 streetbike, for which Vetter built a special fairing that offered very low wind resistance. This, along with very tall gearing, allowed the KZ250 to do 125mpg in the 1981 Fuel Economy Contest.

The event started by Craig Vetter encouraged people to push the limits of fuel economy and in 1985, the last year when Vetter’s event was held, a 125cc streamliner, ridden by Japanese rider Matsu Matsuzawa, did an astounding 472mpg.

Today, Vetter’s own streamliner is on display in the Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum, in Ohio, in the US. And Vetter himself is not done just yet – he says there might be even more fuel-efficient bikes coming from garage in the future…

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