Friday, August 22, 2008

Face-off: Buell 1125R vs BMW HP2 Sport

Motociclismo compared the Buell 1125R and the BMW HP2 Sport. And the winnner is...

At first, most people wouldn’t, probably, think of pitting the American-made Buell 1125R against the all-German BMW HP2 Sport. And yet, come to think of it, the two bikes are somewhat similar – at least on paper. Motociclismo recently did a shoot-out between the two bikes, and here are some excerpts from what they had to say:

The BMW is very stable, the Buell is more agile. At 20,200 euros, the HP2 Sport is expensive and and exclusive, the 1125R is more accessible at 12,995 euros. When it comes to riding, the German and the American bikes come from different worlds, starting with the riding position. The 1125R has wider handlebars, lower seat height and better wind protection. The BMW HP2 Sport’s riding position is racier, more committed.

The Buell v-twin makes about 14bhp more than the BMW boxer-twin, but it also vibrates significantly more. The BMW engine also vibrates, but not so much that it begins to get annoying. And yes, the Buell’s clutch requires more effort to operate than the BMW unit...

According to Motociclismo, the BMW is more stable, the Buell is more agile...

On the track, the Buell’s single front brake disc doesn’t feel as powerful and responsive as the BMW’s twin-disc setup. The BMW’s front suspension also shows better composure under hard braking.

In terms of handling, the two bikes represent two different schools of thought on high-speed cornering. The Buell is more agile, while the BMW is more stable. We prefer the German bike for the feeling of security it offers, and the ease with which it allows the rider to corner at over 200km/h.

So there you are – the guys at Motociclismo seem to prefer the HP2 Sport over the 1125R. Which one would we take? Er… well, a ZZR1400 for touring, this ZX-10R for trackdays and an MV F4 CC for the weekend… :-)

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Master Blaster: Kawasaki ZX-10 Turbo

The bike on the right probably started life as something like the bike on the left, almost two decades ago. It seems to have aged well, eh?
Pics: MCN

This heavily modified 1990 Kawasaki ZX-10 comes from MCN. The aluminium twin-spar ‘e-box’ chassis is standard ZX-10, as is the swingarm. But from there on, everything else has been changed. Three-spoke Marvic wheels, USD forks from WP, rearsets, AP racing calipers and cast iron brake discs. The tail-piece and upper half of the fairing are from a ZXR750.

Of course, the engine is where the real action is. According to the owners, it’s a blend of ZX-10 and ZZR1100 parts, with the whole bunch heavily modified and tuned. It’s also fitted with a T28 Garrett turbocharger, and to deal with the boost in power, engine internals have been beefed up with Carrillo conrods and a lock-up clutch. The lock-up clutch ensures that clutch plates continue gripping even as the turbocharged engine’s power goes through the transmission.

We already love ZX-10 and ZZR1100s, and this turbo ZX-10 is definitely our kind of ride. In fact, if it were ours, we’d keep the uprated engine, suspension, brakes, wheels and tyres, but run stock bodywork and fairing, complete with the original colours. And then, we’d go out and hunt a Porsche or two…

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GSX-R1000 Fonsi Nieto WSB Alstare 2008 replica

Weighs about 165kg, packs 171bhp and looks terrific!
GSX-R1000 Fonsi Nieto WSB Alstare 2008 replica GSX-R1000 Fonsi Nieto WSB Alstare 2008 replica GSX-R1000 Fonsi Nieto WSB Alstare 2008 replica

The bike you see here belongs to London-based Danny Gladman, who seems to have put in a huge amount of effort (and a fair bit of money, we’re sure!) in preparing this Fonsi Nieto-replica GSX-R1000.

To start with, there’s stickers/decals on this bike – the Alstare paintjob, an airbrush job, was carried out by Altamura – and we think they’ve done an absolutely brilliant job! Apart from the special paintjob, Danny’s bike has been fitted with Twin Arrow Titanium Megaphone exhausts, AP racing exhaust hangers, carbonfibre front ram air ducts, carbonfibre hugger and chain guard, Arata rearsets, K&N air-filter, Power Commander III USB (with Arrow exhaust/K&N specific map loaded) and a Dynojet LCD dash mounted screen linked to Power Commander.

And there’s more. Suzuki tinted double bubble screen, R&G tail tidy kit and and crash protection bungs, and headlight protector with painted number board. The bike has been signed by Alstare riders Fonsi Nieto, Max Neukirchner and Yukio Kagayama, and it also features on the Alstare Suzuki official website.

Danny’s GSX-R weighs about 165 kilos and packs a certified 171 horsepower. Oooohhhhh

And now the same bike, with added oomph courtsey Fast Bikes magazine

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Travertson Motorcycles: Diablo 666 and VR-2 concepts

From left: The VR-2 and the Diablo 666 
After the absolutely amazing V-Rex, American Christian Travertson and Aussie Tim Cameron are at it again, with two brand-new motorcycle concepts – the Diablo 666 and the VR-2. Both bikes have been designed by Cameroon and may be produced by Travertson Motorcycles.

The cruiser-style VR-2 has been designed to use the Harley-Davidson V-Rod engine, while the Diablo 666, envisioned as the Ducati Supermono’s spiritual successor, is supposed to be fitted with a supercharged, single-cylinder 666cc engine.

Travertson Motorcycles are designed, created and assembled in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and are sold primarily to a network of Harley-Davidson dealerships. For more details, visit the Travertson website here, and Tim Cameron’s website here

In conversation with Angelo Crippa, Director – KTM

Angelo Crippa, Director - KTM, speaks about the Austrian company's future prospects...
Pic: Motociclismo

Motociclismo recently spoke to Angelo Crippa, Director – KTM. Here are some excerpts from what he had to say, about the future of the company:

On KTMs being a bit expensive…

‘Yes, our products are a little more expensive, but then the technology and components that we use don’t leave us with much choice. Who can match our quality, or use the same materials as we do? Our customers choose us for our above-average quality, so we cannot and will not descend below where we are.’

On what we can expect to see from KTM at the upcoming EICMA show in Milan

‘We will have a naked big twin, very close to the prototype Venom you saw in 2004.’

On KTM’s growth prospects

‘In the first six months this year, we've posted a growth of around five percent. We don’t foresee a boom over the next 10 years, but also there will be no collapse – we can grow steadily at at least 2-2.5 percent every year.’

On the RC8 not doing as well [in terms of sales] as anticipated…

‘Over the last 10 weeks, we’ve delivered 200 RC8 bikes, of which 67 have been sold. We need to guage the market this year. We are aware that we’ve come with a product that’s very different, and this is a segment that’s traditionally been dominated by the Japanese and the Italians.

But we also know that the RC8 works – that’s been proven in many tests. We will also develop the RC8 1190RR, a higher-spec version of the base model, which will offer even more performance.’

On why KTM chose to go with a v-twin for the RC8

‘I can only say that ours is a long-term choice. Our R&D division has assessed the potential for long-term development. Also, the twin offers cost benefits, which KTM needs to be cognizant of. We are confident we’ll be competitive in World Superbikes with the RC8. We believe in win on Sunday, sell on Monday…’

On the supersports single-cylinder RC4

‘We will certainly do a single-cylinder sportsbike – one that offers the best blend of performance and versatility – but it may not necessarily be the RC4. Its fate also depends a lot on various racing regulations!’

On the possibility of doing an LC4 Adventure…

‘The project is on the table, we are working on it. But we have to proceed step by step. We already have the 690 Enduro, which will be the technical basis for the Adventure – it’s only a matter of time. But we are still not talking about a 2009 model!’

Full interview on Motociclismo here

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BMW F800R: Will they or won’t they?

Update (4th Nov. 2008):
The 2009 BMW F800R: Specs and first official pics

The questions are, whether BMW will build the F800R and if so, whether the bike would be based on the F800S or the F800GS...?

According to various reports on the Web, BMW are expected to launch a naked version of the F800S – the F800R – by the end of this year. In the meanwhile, Klostermier BMW, BMW dealers based in Augsburg, Germany, have already made their own version of the F800R – it’s the orange bike you see above.

On the other hand, there are also some reports that say BMW will not be making an F800S-based naked after all. The reason being cited is that such a bike will be too expensive to produce and that BMW will not be able to price it competitively.

According to these reports, the BMW F800R will, instead, be based on the F800GS. With its steel tube chassis and chain drive, an F800GS-based F800R will be cheaper to build, which would allow BMW to price it against similar bikes from Japan. Hmmm… all should be revealed in the next 2 – 3 months!

Is this how the F800R going to look...?
Pics: F800 Riders

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Chinese companies working on bigger, sportier bikes

600cc super-nakeds coming from China? Probably yes...!

According to a report on MCN, Chinese motorcycle manufacturers like Loncin, Zongshen and Jialing are now working on bigger, sportier motorcycles – the kind which has never been made in China earlier.

China has, according to some estimates, been the largest producer of motorcycles since the mid-1990s. Currently, more than 20 million motorcycles are made in China every year and Chinese-built scooters and motorcycles are increasingly being exported around the world.

Until very recently, Chinese manufacturers were only making small-capacity commuter bikes and scooters. But now, according to the MCN report, they are working on bigger bikes, starting with 600s. Loncin, Zongshen and Jialing are said to have developed 600cc inline-fours, with which they may soon be taking on bikes like the Honda CB600F, Yamaha FZ6, Kawasaki ER6n, Suzuki GSR600 and Hyosung GT650 Comet.

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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Custom-built John Hopkins replica Kawasaki ZX-10R

John Hopkins' bike for the street? Why not...!

One of Germany’s biggest Kawasaki dealerships, Motoradd Höly have prepared a Hopkins-replica ZX-10R, which they’ve given to the Kawasaki MotoGP Team. The bike will be on display at the Kawasaki hospitality unit, at each of the remaining MotoGP races in Europe.

The Hopkins-replica ZX-10R’s ZX-RR-style paintjob was done by Lucas Designs, who also supply stickers and graphics for all Kawasaki Racing Team vehicles. Apart from the lime-green paintjob that you see here, the MotoGP-replica ZX-10R will also be available in orange, white and black. More details on the Höly website here

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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

BMW K1200S-based EML Speed 2000 sidecar rig

The BMW K1200S-based EML Speed 2000. Very cool, we think...

Pics: Motomag

This very interesting looking BMW sidecar rig comes from Motomag, who apparently got to ride the thing recently. Called the EML Speed 2000, the three-wheeler is fitted with the BMW K1200S’s liquid-cooled, 16-valve, DOHC four-cylinder engine, which has been limited to 106 horsepower and 130Nm of torque. The gearbox is the standard six-speed unit.

According to Motomag, the BMW engine feels strong on expressways despite the excess weight of the sidecar rig (the whole things weighs 458kg dry). The engine never seems to lack flexibility or torque and the gearbox is always quick and precise. The suspension on the other hand is a bit soft, and the trike wallows a fair bit, especially at higher speeds. At least the brakes work very well…

Getting in and out of the EML Speed 2000 is easy, and the vehicle is comfortable as a large-ish tourer. The fit and finish is top-notch and apart from the suspension, which spoils the whole experience a bit, this is one trike that’s great fun to ride. But yes, at around 32,000 euros, it’s also very expensive…

Full test on Motomag here

Visit the EML website for details on their complete range of sidecar outfits

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Suzuki unveil new Intruder C1800RT

The new Suzuki Intruder C1800RT long-distance cruiser...

Suzuki have unveiled their new long-distance cruiser, the Intruder C1800RT. Powered by the fuel-injected, liquid-cooled, 1783cc DOHC v-twin from the M1800R (which, we suppose, is a short-distance cruiser?), the C1800RT also features a large windshield, saddlebags, passenger backrest, pullback handlebars and floorboards.

Weighing in at 357 kilos dry, the Suzuki Intruder C1800RT gets a five-speed gearbox, and rides on 16-inch wheels, wearing 150/80 (front) and 240/55 (rear) rubber. For more details, visit the Suzuki website here

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Czech Republic Grand Prix: Race results from Brno

The Doctor won the Czech GP, while Stoner crashed out of the race. Looks like Rossi will, after all, win his 6th MotoGP world championship this year...!

2008 Czech Republic MotoGP: Race results from Brno

1. Valentino Rossi ITA Fiat Yamaha Team (B) 43min 28.841 secs
2. Toni Elias SPA Alice Team (B) 43min 43.845 secs
3. Loris Capirossi ITA Rizla Suzuki MotoGP (B) 43min 50.530 secs
4. Shinya Nakano JPN San Carlo Honda Gresini (B) 43min 54.700 secs
5. Anthony West AUS Kawasaki Racing Team (B) 43min 58.306 secs
6. Chris Vermeulen AUS Rizla Suzuki MotoGP (B) 43min 59.449 secs
7. Marco Melandri ITA Ducati Marlboro Team (B) 44min 5.294 secs
8. Alex de Angelis RSM San Carlo Honda Gresini (B) 44min 5.591 secs
9. Andrea Dovizioso ITA JiR Team Scot MotoGP (M) 44min 7.663 secs
10. Jorge Lorenzo SPA Fiat Yamaha Team (M) 44min 8.414 secs
11. John Hopkins USA Kawasaki Racing Team (B) 44min 8.451 secs
12. Sylvain Guintoli FRA Alice Team (B) 44min 9.733 secs
13. James Toseland GBR Tech 3 Yamaha (M) 44min 40.331 secs
14. Colin Edwards USA Tech 3 Yamaha (M) 44min 49.974 secs
15. Dani Pedrosa SPA Repsol Honda Team (M) 45min 5.879 secs
16. Randy de Puniet FRA LCR Honda MotoGP (M) 45min 7.248 secs


Casey Stoner
AUS Ducati Marlboro Team (B)

Detailed race report here

More pics from various races, from the 2008 MotoGP season

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