Thursday, January 22, 2009

Christini Technologies unveils AWD SuperMoto

The Christini AWD SuperMoto. Is AWD the next step forward in sportbike technology?
Pic: Motorcycle-USA

All-wheel-drive on motorcycles? Steve Christini has been at it for more than 10 years. The man really believes in the AWD concept and his company – Christini Technologies – has, over the years, been working tirelessly towards an AWD motorcycle that really works. And if the recently unveiled Christini SuperMoto is anything to go by, AWD motorcycles might just be getting ready to go mainstream.

The Christini SuperMoto prototype is actually a KTM 450 SX-F, with various aftermarket bits and the Christini AWD system. The Christini AWD is actually a kit that can be added to some Honda and KTM dirtbikes. It comprises of a purely mechanical (as opposed to hydraulic) system that transfers power to the front wheel. We’ll admit we don’t understand the system too well, but you can visit the Christini website here to read more about the mechanics of the AWD system.

We are more interested in what the AWD system does – it’s supposed to provide extra traction and stability, especially on dirtbikes and dual-purpose machines. Christni have also been working to fine-tune the system for streetbikes – in the few tests they’ve done so far, AWD is said to improve cornering speeds and stability during exiting fast bends.

We think AWD on bikes is pretty damn cool. Who knows what a Fireblade, GSX-R1000, R1 or 1198S will do with AWD? Heck, it may even allow ordinary riders to corner like Rossi & Co. Or maybe not. But whatever, this technology is one to watch out for in the future…!

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Barilla said...

If you're wondering what would AWD do to an R1, check for one did by Yamaha based on their WSB machine - in the wet it was est. 4 SEC faster per lap than standard bike.
The Christini AWD also works as primitive, yet effective steering damper/anti-locking system for front wheel on their enduro bikes. It also makes loosing front end on AWD bike virtually impossible.

EJ25RUN said...


You did a story on the KTM 690 Dakar. Now do one on the Yamaha 450 AWD used in the 2007 Dakar. It was ridden by David Fretigne. He chose against using in the 2009 race and finished 3rd overall. I am still curious on how the Yamaha version looks and works.


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