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Trillium Muir, the fastest woman in the world…

Trillium Muir, the lady who hit 239.36mph (382.98km/h) on her Turbo Hayabusa...

Pics: Trillium Muir

Last year, we spoke to Leslie Porterfield, who hit an impressive top speed of 234.197mph (374.72km/h) on her Hayabusa, at the BUB Motorcycle Speed Trials in the US. And while that’s a commendable achievement, it isn’t apparently enough for ‘The World’s Fastest Woman on a Motorcycle’ title. That’s because a Canadian rider – Trillium Muir – has gone even faster.

Twenty-eight years old and based in Sudbury, Ontario, Trillium has done an ECTA-certified 239.36mph (382.98km/h) on her Hayabusa, at Maxton, and that makes her the fastest woman in the world on two wheels. We wanted to know more about her, so we sent her a list of questions and here’s what she had to say:

On how she got into motorcycling

I have been riding for only four years. The first bike I rode was a 1977 Honda 500, around the yard. My brother John ran beside me yelling instructions on how to shift and stop…

On how she got into the motorcycle land speed racing scene

In September 2006, I went to watch a land speed event at Maxton NC. And at that meet I went from a being a spectator to becoming the first woman ever to go 200mph at that particular venue. Not bad for a girl, eh?!

On her 239mph Hayabusa

I rode our 2003 Suzuki Hayabusa that has a GT35R turbo from RCC turbos. The bike is also fitted with an Aims data logger, JE Pistons, Crower rods, MTC lock-up clutch, Elka shock, custom-built swingarm, RCC back cut transmission and much more. The motor and the turbocharger were built by RCC. I do most of our clutch work and have the patience for wiring. Anything that needs to be done, I can do it, and have.

On her favourite riders

I follow drag racing and some of my favourite riders are Angelle Sampey and the Gadsons.

On riding on the street

I ride my 2008 Blue/Gold Suzuki Hayabusa on the street. We have some really strict laws in Canada, so I try not to get too carried away. And the potholes are so big, I could get lost in them…

On how she prepares for the race

Everything a person does is 80% mental. I have a 20 hour drive to Maxton from Canada, so by the time I get to the track my mind is made up that I am going fast. There is no time to get scared when riding that fast, just hang on!

On how people react to her being the fastest woman in the world

Most men are really impressed and are very encouraging. I usually get, ‘Wow a little woman like you can handle a bike with that much horsepower!’ Most women are also very supportive and proud. But I do notice the odd bit of jealously from other female riders. My mother had the best reaction ever – ‘You go girl!’

On future plans

I have so many plans for next year – finish building my house, and go 250+mph. And I want to get really good at drag racing.

On some of her all-time favourites

Bike: Suzuki Hayabusa (of course…)
Car: Any older corvette
Book: Long Way Round
Racing heroine/hero: Danica Patrick, Bill Warner
Food: Greek
Drink: Anything fruity
Music: Nickelback, Rob Zombie
Movie: Tombstone
Holiday destination: Cayo Coco, Cuba

We wish Trillium all the very best for the future and hope she just keeps going faster and faster...!
Pic: Cliff

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