Saturday, February 28, 2009

MotoGP: The Kawasaki farce continues

Will Marco Melandri really ride a bike that was uncompetitive last year and which, without Kawasaki's involvement, has no chance of improving this year?!

In the ongoing Kawasaki-MotoGP debacle, the latest, according to MCN, is that one Kawasaki machine will participate in the 2009 MotoGP season. This lone Kawasai ZX-RR will, however, be re-branded ‘Hayate’ and will be run by Dorna, with Kawasaki themselves not playing any role in the entire thing.

Reports in the media claim that Marco Melandri will be racing this Dorna-Hayate machine, while Melandri himself says he will first test the machine (in Qatar, tomorrow) and see if it’s worth riding at all. Indeed, why Melandri should race a machine that was completely uncompetitive in 2008 and which hasn’t changed since then, is beyond us. And to top that, since Kawasaki will not be involved and there is apparently nobody else who’s equipped to handle development work for the bike, there’s zero chance of the ZX-RR improving at all!

The other thing of course is that nobody knows what’s happening with John Hopkins, who’s now left without a ride. In any case, this whole Kawasaki-MotoGP thing seems to be in shambles – it’s a shameful to way to bring things to an end. If Kawasaki had decided to leave MotoGP, a clean, clear exit would have been so much better than this protracted Dorna vs Kawasaki battle.

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Anonymous said...

This post is inaccurate and should be updated or pulled. The '09 Kawi is indeed a new bike and there is support for the new team.

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