Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Tyre tech, electronics hurt overtaking in MotoGP, but development vital for streetbikes

"I want that seventh MotoGP world title...!!'

According to a report on, Valentino ‘The Doctor’ Rossi believes that the evolution of tyre technology is one reason why MotoGP racing in the 800cc age is not as exciting or spectacular as it was in the 990cc era.

According to Rossi, tyre technology has raised cornering speeds and reduced braking distances. ‘I think that this is mostly to do with the evolution of the tyres. Now we're very fast in the corners and so there is less time to try to overtake,’ says Rossi.

‘I think that there will be a better show because everyone will have the same tyre. During the last few laps of the race, the bike will move around a bit more and so you will have to go a little bit slower. This will probably produce closer battles. We hope so!’ says Rossi, speaking about how racing might be in the 2009 MotoGP season.

After tyres, the other thing which may be hurting MotoGP, according to Rossi, is the excessive use of electronics. ‘The huge evolution in electronics has levelled the performance of the riders and therefore this has also led to fewer battles,’ he says.

Rossi’s team manager, Davide Brivio agrees that electronics may have made the racing less spectacular, but he also says that electronics may be vital for the development of newer streetbikes ‘Valentino has ‘suffered’ as a result of the changes that have arisen since technology has progressed, more electronics are used and rider aids have been introduced. However, these aids are very useful for safety reasons and research, especially with regard to production bikes,’ says Brivio.

Valentino has expressed the desire to reduce the rider aids in order to allow the rider's talent and ability to be properly appreciated. This is justifiable from the rider's point of view. From a sporting and sentimental point of view also, I'd like to see less aids and the riders relying exclusively on their talent,’ says Brivio.

‘Thinking about our customers, however, who will ride the bikes on the street, research and aid development are the right things to do. It would be great to be able to find a compromise for the situation, but in any case I believe the races will still be very spectacular, more so than ever next year with many riders fighting for victory. Ultimately it is always the best that are leading,’ he concludes.

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