Saturday, March 07, 2009

Audi Shark Hovercraft: If only this were a trike...!

The Audi Shark is a hovercraft concept. Now, if only it had two wheels...
Pics: Wired

Okay, so it’s not a trike – it’s a hovercraft concept – but the Audi Shark is just so cool, we wish it had three wheels. Designed by 26-year-old Kazim Doku for a design competition co-sponsored by Audi and the Milan-based Domus Academy, the Shark is supposed to have a motorcycle-style riding position, flip-up glass cockpit, LED headlamps and… a truckload of sheer style. Maybe Doku should help Audi design a hot new trike…?

And speaking of Audis, here's a video of the Quattro S1 rally car racing against an ice speedway bike. Our kind of madness...!
Video: Motoblog

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Anonymous said...

Hi guys,

just a quick translation of the game. The Audi is the "original" Rally Quattro with 500+ hp and 1100 kg (approx. 2500 lb) against a 50 hp ice speedway bike with no brakes and 116kg (290 lb). The ice speedway guy is the reining European Champion from Austria, the driver in the car is a known German rally driver. The car has 9mm (7/16") spikes, the bike 28mm (1 1/16") spikes (and more on two wheels then the car on four). The results are telling. The car had too much hp for the 400m (1/4 mile) oval track. Corner speed for the bike 90 km/h or 56mph. What a nice show.

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