Friday, March 13, 2009

Eight Sleight: Standbike V8 concept

A 690-kilo motorcycle, powered by V8 from GM. And yes, you can paint it green if want to...

For those who just won’t ride a twin, triple, inline-four/V4 or inline-six/V6, Standbike are working on a V8-powered motorcycle. And they have, apparently, already built a fully functional, ready-to-ride prototype that’s fitted with a 305 cubic-inch (5,000cc) V8 from General Motors.

According to the company’s website, the Standbike V8 concept bike took eight years to develop and uses various unique technical solutions that allow the V8’s power and torque to be suitably harnessed for extreme traction.

The bike’s steering, clutch and lean-control systems are managed by high-tech hydraulics and electronics – probably necessary with a bike that weighs 690 kilos and which has a 2615mm wheelbase, total lenth being 3210mm. The gearbox is a four-speed unit, with one extra gear for reversing the bike, and single-sided suspension is used at both ends.

The Standbike V8 concept actually rides on four 16-inch wheels – two each at the front and back – shod with 205/45 rubber. Cornering? Er…, no, we don’t think so, though straight line stability at 300km/h should be just brilliant…

More details on the Standbike website here

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