Saturday, March 14, 2009

Jorge Lorenzo speaks about the 2009 Yamaha YZF-R1

So, is the R1 really anything like the M1? Here's what Jorge Lorenzo has to say about the bike...

Yamaha claim the 2009 R1 features technology ‘inspired’ by the MotoGP M1, so someone like Jorge Lorenzo should be able to offer some real insight into whether the R1 really behaves like a street-going version of the M1. Solo Moto got Lorenzo to ride the new R1 and here are some excerpts from what the Spanish star has to say about the bike:

‘I am not accustomed to these types of tyres on a bike with so much power and I normally do not ride this type of bike. But with regard to streetbikes – and I have ridden the last three or four years’ R1s – the bike has improved dramatically at all levels.’

‘I love the way it sounds, though it’s a little misleading. The R1 engine sounds fairly muted when the bike is idling but when you open the throttle, it really is very powerful. And I like the riding position – it’s comfortable – and the seat is quite generous.

‘The one thing that surprised me most is that the bike doesn’t want to pull wheelies all the time, which was the case with previous R1s. With this new bike, you can accelerate hard with greater confidence, without the front wheel lifting skywards all the time – a definite plus on the road.’

‘I was also surprised by the steering damper, which is much softer than the one mounted on the M1 – I guess that’s because the R1 needs to be much more maneuverable around town. I quite like the brakes though – especially at the front – they are progressive and easy to modulate.’

‘Overall, the new R1 is a very sweet bike. However, it’s really powerful, so on the track it needs better tyres to make full use of its potential.’

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