Wednesday, March 04, 2009

MV Agusta F4 sidecar rig

A sidecar outfit on an MV Agusta F4?! Er... please, no!
Pics: R-Herbig, via Bloguidon

Don’t know much about this MV Agusta F4 but it sure looks… …interesting? It seems somebody crashed their F4, went through a mid-life crisis (or maybe just a yelling from the wife) and went on to build this. To be honest, the massive single-sided front swingarm looks quite cumbersome and with that front wheel – which seems to have been taken off a pickup truck – the bike will probably steer like a buffalo. But then the owner probably wishes to fit a sidecar rig to this bike, and most sidecarists (has that term been invented yet?) don’t seem to have a problem with such truck-like front ends.

Would we ride one of these things? Er… we’d rather take a regular F4 CC, thanks very much!

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That's just wrong

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