Wednesday, April 08, 2009

2009 Zero S unveiled, deliveries to start in May

The US$9,950 Zero S is ready to hit the road, but are you ready for the Zero S?

Zero Motorcycles have unveiled the Zero S, a lithium-ion battery-powered supermoto. The bike’s electric motor produces 31 horsepower and 84.6Nm of torque and the Zero S, which weighs in at 102kg, will do a top speed of 96.6km/h. Range is 97km on one full charge, and charging time is four hours.

The Zero S is priced at US$9,950 and deliveries start in May this year. To us, it seems that EVs like the Zero simply aren’t ready to hit the motorcycling mainstream just yet. The Zero S is way too expensive for what it offers and until lithium-ion battery prices come down significantly, bikes like the Zero will probably have a very limited market…

The Zero S in action...

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