Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Aero 3S add bling to the Campagna T-Rex, OptaMotive to add battery power

The Campagna T-Rex looks even cooler with the Aero 3S kit!

Anibal Harfouche and Jean-Pierre Lussier at Aero 3S are offering a body kit for the Campagna T-Rex. Powered by the 200bhp ZZR1400 engine, the T-Rex is already the coolest, maddest trike in the world – we absolutely love this thing. And the Aero 3S body kit – made of carbonfibre and fibreglass – isn’t bad looking either.

While Aero 3S are adding bling to the Campagna T-Rex, the Ottawa-based OptaMotive are converting the trike to battery power, in pursuit of the Progressive Automotive X-Prize. Optamotive will be replacing the T-Rex’s 1,400cc engine with an all-electric powertrain, which will produce more than 100 horsepower, push the electric ’Rex from zero to 96km/h in less than 10 seconds and provide a range of more than 160km on a single charge.

The project name for OptaMotive’s all-electric T-Rex is ‘Surge’ and you can get more details on their official website here

Tiff Needell of Fifth Gear tests the Campagna T-Rex. Wild!


jizz_max said...

insane. just pure insane. but at 50,000 bucks i'm not buying one anytime soon... :-((

Anonymous said...

I guess you've only got to drive up in one of these things for everybody to know what a tool you really are!


Anonymous said...

This whole electric motor thing is so pretentious. Stripping out a 200bhp engine and putting in a 100bhp electric motor for so-called improved efficiency? Not for me. If I wanted efficiency, I’d get a scooter with a 50-100cc engine and that would easily do all the MPG I ever wanted. Why would I ever spend 50,000 dollars on a T-Rex and then dumb it down with batteries? Pah!

JimBo said...

that aero 3s body kit takes the 'rex straight back to the 1980. I bet its designers still drive a lambo countach... ;D

remus said...

you guys at faster and faster have a thing for trikes don't you? weird fetish!

Anonymous said...

The Aero 3S T-Rex looks perfect to me. How I wish I could sell my Ford Mondeo and get one of these things. Let me show these pics to the wife and ask her if we can sell the car, buy a Rex and move to Barbados :-)

ace said...

@Anonymous....you may look like a tool in one of these but believe me it's worth it. They are SO fun it's hard to believe, basically a street legal 175hp go-kart. I race motorcycles but T-Rex competes for the most fun I've had in a motor vehicle.

Anonymous said...

..They canibalize a ZZR1400 to make it... U$S 50.000.- !..then they aim to the Xprize ?!

1- About the Xprize: X-prize is about fuel efficiency not electric vehicles ( not sure if hybrids are included).
This people needs to research the electric/fuel efficiency vehicles races the have in Japan.
Vehicles are usually, torpedo like bikes or..hmm trikes (!) filled with solar cell panels and usually powered by a Honda Cub (50/100 cc) or a ill gotten Kenwood mixer motor (you'll regeret it later in summer). The whole things is made mostly of glass fiber and titanium tubes, sliiim race bicycle tires and the pilot is also very sliim, 3.1415962 times slimmer than Mr. V. Rossi.

2- Trikes aren't for me. If I ever go for one I'll try something else than this, don't want to be the tal of the trailer park...hmm, aesthetically speaking : > .


Anonymous said...

uuummmm dont these things go 0-60 in 3.5 secs?? are they not the 2400cc motors that i have seen thousands and thousands of reports on that... this cycle featured on 5th gear that out beat the spyder/ vipers/ 911's/ and merciago's... this cyle RIGHT here... and people want to bitch about that??? at 50,000 when all those other cars like audi r8 cost 150,000 wahh. id drive one anyday. with that body kit it looks kick ass and would keep peeps out of it while im gone. the plexiglass will not break soooo good luck jacking its. you'd have to try to throw it in the back of a truck or tow it. then "hey insurance get me another" haha

PYak said...

People are such Moaners, instead of applauding the designers for being innovative, professional and crazy. Most of the comments here are people being negative. I thought bikers were into innovative projects. Especially if for $50,000 you can beat just about ANY Supercar, and I bet on the brakes/cornering I would beat most Superbikes.

Fast, Safe and DRY sounds superb to me.

Anonymous said...

Being a builder of custom and exotic cars I can really appreciate the time that went into the design and then the completion of the body my biggest complaint is that the cost of the aero body is really out of hand. I love the trike I have had one now for 3 yrs. It is the most fun you can have with your pants on.......YUP and that's a fact. This thing screams and the g force is unreal. The handling and driving of it is just simply remarkable. I know a lot of people don't like trikes but I will tell you this it isn't a trike it is the closest thing to flying and still be on the ground there is. Just LOWER that body kit price

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