Monday, April 06, 2009

Jawa celebrates 80th Anniversary, announces 650 Dakar

The new Jawa 650 Dakar will be available in regular and touring versions...

Pics: MotoFlash

Belying the various obituaries that are written about the company every year, Jawa continue to soldier on. And on. And on… In fact, Jawa, set up by František Janeček in Czechoslovakia, in 1929, is actually celebrating its 80th Anniversary this year. We aren’t completely clear about how the company’s business is structured these days, but according to the information available on the Jawa website, Jawa Moto spol. s r.o., headquartered in the Czech Republic, is still making Jawa motorcycles, dune-buggies and even a tiny diesel-powered car!

Now, while Jawa products aren’t exactly cutting-edge, the company is trying to launch better, more contemporary products. The latest bike to be announced by the Czech manufacturer is the 650 Dakar, which will be fitted with a single-cylinder liquid-cooled 652cc four-stroke engine – the same unit that’s also fitted to the Yamaha XT660. Manufactured by Motori Minarelli (a part of the Yamaha Motor Group), this rather basic, simple engine produces 47 horsepower at 6,500rpm and 57Nm of torque at 5,000rpm.

Apart from the Italian-made engine, the Jawa 650 Dakar is also fitted with various other Italian bits – Paioli forks, Grimeca brakes and other components from Verlicchi and Bitubo. The bike, which weighs about 190kg dry, will be available in regular and touring versions, with the latter being fitted with a bigger windshield and a set of three luggage cases. The launch date has not been announced though it seems the 650 Dakar will be available from 2010 onwards. More details on the Jawa website here

An all-new Jawa cruiser-style machine (above), powered by a 300cc four-stroke single-cylinder engine, for the Argentinian market. And (below) the old Jawa 350, which is fitted with an air-cooled two-stroke parallel twin. Yes, Jawa are still making two-strokes, though these are not for sale in the EU


Anonymous said...

The bike for Argentina is a Twin cylinder (see specs, 1st line in the poster).


Vaughan said...

the Yellow bike is so cool! It looks like it belongs in an Anime feature ~ I want one! Can we get them in the US?


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