Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Motus Motorcycles’ V4 sport-tourer on the way

For now, this logo is all we have, but that all-new V4 sport-tourer thing sounds exciting...

Here’s some exciting news from America – a new motorcycle company, Motus, is working on a brand-new, all-American sport-tourer which will be fitted with a V4 engine! Motus has been set up by Lee Conn and Brian Case, the latter being an industrial designer who earlier headed design at Confederate Motorcycles. (Brian, in fact, played a significant role in the design and development of the Wraith motorcycle…)

Motus have been working on their V4-powered sport-tourer since March 2008. ‘Our V4 engine and proprietary chassis designs are currently underway with highly respected automotive engineering partners. The design calls for a comfortable, lightweight machine that blends American muscle performance with proven range-extending technology. The focal point for the Motus bike will be our engine. We believe the engine will be completely unexpected and completely different than anything currently available,’ says Brian.

Hmm… we admit we’re all excited about this one. What ‘range extending technology’ could Motus be working on? Could the V4 engine be a part of some kind of a hybrid powertrain? Anyway, there are no tech specs or pics available at this time, though Brian promises he’ll keep us updated, so stay tuned for more…


Anonymous said...

I ride a '94 V4 Honda Magna. The V4 Engine is one of the most bulletproof motors ever built. When correctly balance they are nearly vibration free. An excellent all-around motor! Good luck with your venture. There are a substantial amount of V4 enthusiasts out here in Moto-land!
Sheldon Braffman
Reisterstown, MD USA

ed said...

When I read of this new sport tourer I dropped. Have been looking at sport toures since harley has not pursed this market, I signed up for the updates and will be looking for the new bike when it arrives in showrooms, I am sure I will be riding one as the present venue of sport toures just rubs me the wrong way and I have been riding for 40 years, nice to american talent at it best.

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