Friday, April 17, 2009

Parajet Skycar: Yamaha R1-engined flying car to be production-ready by 2010!

The Parajet Skycar is powered by an engine from the Yamaha R1

Via AutoblogGreen

Yeah, okay, we know this sounds a bit fanciful. Only crackpots and the severely eccentric talk about ‘flying cars,’ right? Maybe. However, the Skycar – Parajet’s flying car – can actually transform from a ground-bound ‘car’ into a small aircraft in just three minutes. And yes, it really does fly – the Skycar is undergoing extensive testing and is slated to fly from London to Timbuktu later this year, in the so-called Parajet Skycar Expedition.

The Skycar’s creators, Parajet International Ltd. have reportedly tied up with Rage Motorsport Ltd. to put the Skycar in limited production in 2010. This two-seater flying car will be fitted with the Yamaha R1’s inline-four, modified to run on biofuel. The Skycar will be able to take off from a field or airstrip, requiring less than 200 metres of ‘runway,’ and according to its creators, it will be quite safe and reasonably easy to fly.

The R1-engined Parajet Skycar will have a top speed of 110km/h in the air and a range of 300km. It will be able to fly at a maximum altitude of 15,000ft though it will normally cruise at 2,000-3,000ft. In ‘road mode,’ the Skycar will be able to hit speeds of up to 180km/h and will have a range of up to 400km.

For more details, visit the Parajet website here
A video of the Parajet Skycar in action...!

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