Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Peugeot RD: Electric three-wheeler concept unveiled at the Shanghai Motor Show

According to Peugeot, electric three-wheelers could be the future of urban mobility...

Pics: Autoblog

Right now, Peugeot seem to be big on battery-powered three-wheelers. The French company had shown the HYmotion3 Compressor concept at the Paris Motor Show in October last year. And now, it’s the RD electric three-wheeler concept, which was recently unveiled at the ongoing Shanghai Motor Show.

The RD, which won the 5th Peugeot Design Competition (from among 2,500 projects submitted by candidates from 95 countries), has been designed by one Carlos Arturo Torres Tovar, a 27 year old Colombian who grew up in the small industrial town of Tunja.

According to a press release from Peugeot, ‘The main operating feature of the Peugeot RD concept car is its ingenious system of articulation that provides irreproachable road holding allied with the ability the easily thread its way through urban traffic.’

The single-seater RD concept is powered by electric motors and has high-tech bits like a voice-message driver-assistance system and a heads-up display system. The vehicle is designed to provide the weather protection of a car, combined with the manoeuvrability and ease of use of a scooter.

For more details on the Peugeot Design Competition, visit their official website here


Rider1772 said...

Dear Mr. F& F

Just saw your article about the Peugeot Yo-yo mobile..no, the three wheeled electric concept model; hmmm I think that the Lyon is going wrong direction with the whole idea, the HYMotion3 Compressor with all its oddiness I think is a lot more concept-digestible/mass produce-able/sale-able/consumer-buy-able in a reasonable period of time; the Odie-mobile is SINGLE SEAT ( I tought the french hate people driving alone!), there's no room for Garfield or Jon or ..Olive Oil, Boy George or your mom.

I rather agree with Honda when it comes to new ways for personal mobility:

Your friend has sent you a story from http://world.honda.com/

Please read the story online at:

Saw some aticipation in :

Tuned-Up/ Custom versions on development:

1) For the Young at heart: Carrusell pony head with practical compartment to store pacifier/lollies/nappies (sold separately).

2) For the strict wife: Hubbie's legs has GPS guide plus inertial navigation system fully programmable : Home-Work-Store-LaundryMat-Home. A long range RFI chip allows permanent localization. Remote control includes Go-Around (I'm shopping) and "Home..NOW!" buttons.

3) For the graying society: Colostomy bag holder.

4) For the 80's junkie: Magnetic note block/pen holder very convenient to pass your number to her when you finally can jog with Jamie Sommers.

Best regards.


Anonymous said...

WTF was THAT?!

Jaxx_O said...

Instead of all these fancy-pansy electric three wheelers, manufacturers should simply work on sensible electric scooters. Something that looks like a regular two-wheeled scooter, not a Star Wars spaceship wannabe. A li-ion battery powered scoot with 150-250km range and 25+ horsepower will work just fine. Is that SO hard to do?

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